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10 Ways Infographics Will Immediately Benefit Your Business

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Hello, and welcome to the first of what will be a 10-part series on the wonderful and valuable subject of infographics. We’ve thought long and hard about the topics and titles that we will be covering over this series, and we’re pretty sure that by the end we’ll have all bases covered. Enjoy!
Over the past couple of years, infographics have become BIG NEWS for businesses, especially in the B2B realm.
Of all content marketing tactics, the use of infographics enjoyed the biggest increase from 2014 to 2015 – up from 51% to 62%. And that’s a figure taken from the most important report in the industry – the B2B Content Marketing Report from none other than the Content Marketing Institute.
It certainly got us thinking – it’s clear that B2B marketers are getting increasingly excited about infographics. The question is, why?
What is it about infographics that B2B marketers are finding so valuable?
The answer, of course, must come from the business benefits that a strong infographics campaign unlocks.
And so we are now left with another question – what are the business benefits of infographic marketing? Let’s take a look…

10 Ways Infographics Will Immediately Benefit Your Business

1. Infographics Make Your Content Stand Out from the Crowd

Let’s start with an infographic – makes sense, right?
Research tells us that the amount of user content created EACH DAY on the internet amounts to the billions. This includes over 500 million tweets, 4 million hours of YouTube content and 4.3 billion Facebook posts. These figures are impressive – but they’re a little hard to digest when tucked away in a blog post like this.
Fortunately, a brilliantly eye-catching infographic has been produced of the Data Never Sleeps 4.0 report that collates this information in a format that is a little easier to take in:

infographic(Image source:

As you can now, thanks to the infographic, much more clearly appreciate, there’s an incredible amount of content that gets produced and passed around the internet on a daily basis.

The problem, then, for your business is in making sure that the content that you produce gets noticed.

And here’s where the first business benefit of infographics comes in. Just look at the example above, for instance. Infographics are beautiful, visually compelling and engaging pieces of content. They stand out in busy news feeds much more than simple blog headlines do, and on visual networks like Pinterest and Instagram, the thumbnails provide little nuggets of huge interest that just demand to be expanded and shared.

In fact, content marketing guru Jeff Bullas even includes infographics in his top 10 list of addictive content.
Addictive content. If only blogs could be described as being “addictive”. But that’s by the by – start creating compelling infographics and you’ll soon have the internet begging you for more.

2. Infographics Increase Brand Awareness

The visual nature of infographics means that they lend themselves perfectly to getting some well-placed branding out there.
Think about it – infographics are addictive, which means that the internet is crying out for them. An infographic campaign, therefore, is the perfect opportunity for you to get people recognising your logo far and wide.
And not just your logo, of course. Your website address, your social links, email and contact information. Get just one of your infographics going viral, and the amount of people suddenly aware of your brand and what you do will be phenomenal.

3. Infographics Will Increase Your Traffic

Off the back of all this addictive and highly sharable infographic content, the natural by-product will be an increase in traffic.
Indeed, studies have shown that the use of infographics increases website traffic by 12% – and that’s significant.
An infographic campaign can start immediately increasing the value of your social media channels. A thoughtful strategy across Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest can very quickly result in increased referral traffic from all of these sites. Not to mention all the extra referrals from third-party blogs and websites that will occur when other content creators start embedding your brilliant infographic on their sites for their users. The potential is massive.

4. Infographics Put Chaotic Information in Order

Infographics, of course, are all about data.
Data – facts, figures, statistics, graphs, charts – is often cluttered and hard to digest. But this data that you’ve collected is crucial to your business messages – it proves the value of what you are doing.
The trick, then, is to present this data in a simplified, memorable fashion – and that is what an infographic does with absolute brilliance.
Consider this insight from Lifelearn – when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.
This indeed goes a long way towards explaining why infographics are so addictive – they’re easy for the mind to process. If you want people to remember all the important statistics about your industry or your business, then put them into an infographic.

5. Infographics Help You Stamp Your Authority

To produce a valuable infographic, you will first need a not-too-modest wealth of expert knowledge. You will need to have conducted research and have boiled it all down into easily-digestible nuggets of valuable information.
Taking the time to do this will show the world that you have an expert understanding of the subject at hand, which will position your business as one that can be trusted, and boost your credibility no end.

6. Infographics Will Increase Your SEO

The better your infographics, the more they will be liked and shared amongst the online community. Bloggers will be referring to them and building links in their content that point directly to your website where your infographic will be displayed.
This will strengthen your domain, and indicate to Google’s algorithms that there is useful content on your site, which will help it rise through the rankings.

7. Infographics Go Beyond Online Marketing

Infographics may reign supreme in the digital world, but they also provide plenty of opportunities to be repurposed to form the basis of any number of printed materials, from posters to brochures to printed ads.
Digital Marketing Philippines cites an inspiring case in this regard with the success that Demandbase managed to achieve through the use of infographics in their offline campaigns:
“After applying this in their marketing campaign, the project generated 1,700 valuable leads, 125 participants to their webinars, and [an] increase in views from Slideshare, and the best thing here is [it generated] at least one million dollars in new business.”

8. Infographics Can Be Easily Tailored to Target Audiences

Targeting and retargeting is super-important in modern digital marketing. Understanding what your users want is key to generating content that they will engage with.
Your infographic design is never set in stone, and can be very easily tailored to suitably deliver information effectively to different user groups. If there is more than one facet to your business, then you will be trying to drive leads from more than one demographic. This means that not all of your business’s messages and information will be relevant to all of your following.
It’s very simple to make variations to infographics. Each one can be just slightly different, designed to only contain the key information that is relevant to each of your target audiences. Put simply, infographics are much more versatile and easier to manipulate in this way than your blog output ever will be, so ring the changes, and let each infographic you create speak to different sets of users in ways that you know will engage them.

9. Infographics Are Easily Embeddable and Portable

Infographics have the great characteristic of being supremely portable and very easily embeddable.
When you produce an infographic, you will also include an embed code that bloggers will then be able to use to embed your visual right there in their blog posts. With the infographic embedded, a link is automatically generated that leads straight back to your website, which will be in addition to any other attribution and backlinks that the blogger will naturally include for the use of your material.
This of course does wonders for your link portfolio, which in turn increases your domain authority (DA) and ensures that you are going in the right direction on Google’s rankings.

10. Infographics Have Global Reach

The globe
Not everyone speaks English, so not everyone will be able to read this blog post.
However, the nature of infographics means that your messages will be universally translated into the language of the visual. With infographics, you can make all the points you want using images instead of text, which renders the information understandable to users whose first language is not the same as yours.

10 ways infographic
Want to start building infographics into your content marketing campaigns? Get in touch with us here today and let us help you start turning your business data into stunning visuals that will wow the crowds and get more people to your website. Our professional designers produce high quality infographics for businesses that don’t break the bank. Email to find out more.

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