Thank Blog it’s Friday – 27-10-17

Thank Blog it’s Friday – 27-10-17

Hello, markITwrite followers and fans, and welcome to another edition of our regular weekly series which aims to look back at some of the interesting goings on in the world of marketing.

We have our ‘Google Doodle of the Week’ feature, plus a couple of stories plucked from the last seven days of marketing news. We’re also trying out a brand-new feature, which we hope will promote some discussion amongst our knowledgeable and creative marketing peers. So, keep your peepers peeled for the ‘Big Question’ at the end of this article.

And so, without further ado, it’s time to grab another steaming mug of java – other hot drinks are available – kick back, and say, ‘Thank Blog it’s Friday!’

Google Doodle of the Week

Google Doodle – marketing

(Image source:

During the 19th century, European explorers were engaged in competition to map the vast sub-continent of Central Asia and to understand the societies and customs of its people. However, while knowledge was essential to political success, Europeans were not welcome in much of the world.

This desperate quest for knowledge combined with the need for secrecy led to the creation of pandits – educated and highly courageous Asian men trained in geographical exploration. The most famous of these pandits was a man named Nain Singh Rawat.

Rawat was the first man to survey Tibet, including determining the exact location and altitude of the city of Lhasa, mapping the river Tsangpo, and chronicling sites previously thought to be mere legend, such as the gold mines of Thok Jalung.

Dressed in the garb of a Tibetan monk, Rawat travelled – on foot – from his home region of Kumaon, to Kathmandu, Lhasa, and Tawang, amongst other distant locations. Perhaps his most impressive feat was in his precisely measured pace. He covered one mile in exactly 2000 steps, and measured those steps using a rosary – to cartograph the region. He hid a compass in his prayer wheel, mercury in cowrie shells, and even disguised his travel records as prayers.

On Saturday 21 October 2017, Nain Singh Rawat would have been 187 years old and his life is celebrated with this beautiful Google Doodle featuring him silhouetted against the setting sun, looking back over his journey. We tip our cap to you Nain Singh Rawat.

McDonald’s is Getting Ready to Shift Marketing into Overdrive for its Digital Services

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying McDonald’s position at the top of the fast food market. What’s surprising, though, is that the fast food retailer has always been relatively slow to embrace digital technology to drive sales. However, things are changing.

McD digital marketing

McDonald’s has recently taken a leaf out of Starbucks’ book and is offering customers the ability to place and pay for their orders using a mobile app. As of writing, around 30 million people have downloaded the app, and McDonald’s US Vice President, Chris Kempczinski – speaking to Marketing Week – says the service is off to a flying start.

“We are seeing strong offer momentum,” Kempczinski explained.  “Right now, we’re really focused on getting the operations right. […] We want to make sure that we’re ready, when we do flip on the marketing switch, that we’re ready to handle the business with it.”

The “marketing switch” will be flipped in 2018, so presumably we can expect to see much more Ronald McClownface grinning his ketchup grin next year – and now on mobile, too (yippee!!)!!    Indeed, given the corporation’s reputation for hit and miss marketing campaigns, it’ll definitely be one to keep an eye on.

The UK Conservative Party is Let Off the Hook by the ICO

An investigation into the activities of a South Neal call centre working on behalf of the Conservative Party during the 2017 General Election has reached its conclusion. A complaint was raised with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stating the questioning carried out by the call centre in question had crossed the line from legitimate market research into direct marketing.

Tories marketing

Under UK law, it’s illegal for a political party to directly attempt to influence voters in this manner.

The results of the inquiry concluded, while two sections of the scripts being used by the call centre did cross the line from market research into direct marketing, no official regulatory action would be taken. As most of the script was focussed on legitimate market research, the commission instead opted for a slap on the wrist and a warning to get it right next time.

Question of the Week

Well, we have safely arrived at the conclusion of another week and I wish you all a pleasant weekend whatever your plans are.

And here’s our Question of the Week:

What do you think is the most important aspect of inbound marketing that we should be focussing on as we venture through the last quarter of 2017?

Whether you think it’s website optimisation, content marketing, lead generation, email marketing, video marketing or something else, we want to hear your opinions – so head to the comments and let us know.

See you in seven.


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