Thank Blog it’s Friday

Thank Blog it’s Friday

Hello, markITwriters, and welcome to another edition of your friendly neighbourhood weekly roundup.

We have our regular Google Doodle of the Week and Big Question features for you, as well as a couple of our favourite stories from the last seven days of marketing news – and they both have a decidedly seasonal feel to them.

So, grab a cup o’ joe, sit back in your chair, and thank blog it’s Friday!

Google Doodle of the Week

Google Doodle Jackie Forster

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Born on 6th November 1926, legendary news reporter and gay rights activist Jackie Forster launched her career in the 40s, appearing in various West End productions and films. She moved to television news under her maiden name – Jackie Mackenzie – and became a favourite of producers and the public with her sharp, lively, and quirky delivery. She was awarded the Prix d’Italia for her coverage of the wedding of Prince Rainier of Monaco to the actress Grace Kelly in 1956.

Thirteen years later, Forster made history again by publicly coming out as a gay woman, paving the way for many other lesbians and bisexuals of the time. Soon after, she appeared on a host of television programs, speaking openly about her sexual identity and helping viewers find the strength to accept themselves. She participated in the UK’s first gay rights march and co-founded Sappho, an English magazine and social club created specifically for a lesbian audience.

For her contributions to journalism, as well as both the feminism and gay rights movements, Google celebrates Forster’s 91st birthday with this Doodle, elegantly illustrating both the journalist and the activist.


As we enter November, and Christmas draws ever closer, it’s time for brands to start pushing their marketing campaigns into overdrive, as they vie for consumers’ cash. However, over the last few years, one company has gained a reputation for producing particularly high quality commercials which are eagerly awaited by the viewing public, and have created a competitive spirit amongst retailers, looking to outdo one another in their seasonal marketing efforts – John Lewis.

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John Lewis has just released its Christmas advert for 2017 and has spent £7 million on the two-minute film. The brand hired Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director, Michel Gondry, to direct, and featured a classic Beatles song ‘Golden Slumbers’ from the 1969 Abbey Road album, covered by British rock band Elbow.

The advert tells the story of a young boy and Moz – the monster which lives under his bed. Initially frightened, the boy eventually befriends the beast and the two begin spending their nights playing together. There’s no denying how adorable Moz is, and the monster’s design immediately invokes memories of the creatures from children’s literary favourite Where the Wild Things Are.


Only three days earlier, Marks & Spencer also released their 2017 Christmas advert, featuring a very famous and marmalade obsessed bear.

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‘Paddington and the Christmas Visitor’ will be linked to 90 products, including a £12 soft toy version of Paddington, and a £42 duffel coat. A specially commissioned £3 book will be donating its profits – expected to be around £200,000 – to the NSPCC to help fund its Childline service.

The advert features Paddington awaking on Christmas Eve to find a burglar standing on his rooftop. Mistaking the crook for Santa and assuming he’s out delivering presents, instead of stealing them, Paddington decides to help the man deliver the gifts. Of course, by the end of the advert the burglar has realised the error of his ways, thanking the oblivious Paddington with a great big bear hug.

The Big Question

Whether you view these adverts as delightful pieces of whimsical filmmaking, or overly saccharine and formulaic doses of cynical commercialism, there is no denying their impact on the public.

Therefore, we’d love to hear your opinions on the two adverts we’ve talked about. Give us your thoughts and let us know if you are #TeamMoz or #TeamPaddington.

See you in seven.

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