Thank Blog it’s Friday!! – 17/11/2017

Thank Blog it’s Friday!! – 17/11/2017

Greetings and salutations my busy markITwrite bees, and welcome to another edition of the seminal and ground-breaking TBIF. We almost didn’t have time to bring you an episode this week, but we know how disappointed you’d all be without some hard-hitting and fearless journalism to sup your coffee to.

So, I have taken some time out of my jam-packed day to bring you our usual features, Google Doodle of the Week, and The Big Question, as well two of the most (subjectively) interesting stories from the last seven days of marketing news.

No need to thank me, just Thank Blog it’s Friday!

Google Doodle of the Week

Google Doodle

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Forget the internal combustion engine. Forget soap, penicillin, or the lightbulb. Tuesday 14th November 2017 saw the 131st anniversary of the invention of one of the most important devices to ever be bestowed on humanity – the holepunch.

This humble office tool has been delighting office workers for over a century with its satisfying click-click song. Fondly remembered is the first time anyone brought bound order to the chaos of loose paper sheets with this masterpiece of German engineering. Or indeed the feeling of pure unadulterated childlike joy when they first gingerly peeled off the flexible plastic cover to be greeted with a shower of tiny confetti-like circles. For many it’s their “Kennedy” moment – a frozen snapshot of time they’ll never forget.

In an era filled with divisiveness and uncertainty, there has never been a better time to celebrate this artefact of inclusivity, and bringing (paper) together. Bless you little holepunch, for your ability to transcend your role as a simple piece of stationary, and teach us all something about what it truly means to be human.

Sonos Opens First UK Store


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Yesterday, IoT speaker innovator Sonos opened its first UK store in Covent Garden, London. However, the company is quick to let us know they see their stores, not as a sales channel, but rather a marketing one.

The store has listening spaces where customers can try out Sonos’ multi-room music experience, in a sharp, trendy and acoustically tuned environment. The building also has an event space intended to provide a location in which to put on screenings, talks and installations. Beginning with an exhibition of rarely-seen images of late icon David Bowie, the space hopes to provide a social hub which will allow people to connect with the Sonos brand in new ways.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Omar Gurnah, Sonos’ Global Retail Marketing Director had this to say: “We would rather they buy here but we won’t measure the success of this space by how many speakers it sells. It’ll be the number of people that come in, get a great experience and think they should add a Sonos to their home. Which when it comes to retail is a very different way of measuring retail. Even for us it’s a new skill.”

Forbes Launches its Marketing Accountability Membership Service


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The Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative was launched to help CMOs overcome the obstacles they face daily in their work, as well as increasing growth, profits and value from their investments – through greater accountability.

“The failure to measure and manage marketing’s contribution to enterprise value has emerged as a CEO and Board-Level issue because it significantly limits the ability to create shareholder value and organic growth” says Bruce H. Rogers, Chief Insights Officer and Head of the CMO practice, Forbes Media. “Without common-sense benchmarks and standards for evaluating marketing’s contribution to shareholder value that inform resource allocation trade-offs and risk investment decisions, organizations and the economy overall will struggle to grow and compete in today’s digitally-driven and rapidly changing marketplace.”

The membership program takes advantage of Forbes’s hard-earned reputation as a leader in the field of marketing, as well as research and best practices from leading CMOs, backed up by a decade of marketing accountability research and benchmarking by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB).

The Big Question

We hope you enjoyed this latest edition of TBIF. Please head on down to the comments and let us know your thoughts on any of the features and stories we’ve covered today. And don’t forget to also give us your answer to this week’s Big Question.

With first Apple, and now Sonos, branding their stores as social hubs, can you foresee a future where people meet up at retail locations such as these instead of pubs or coffee shops?

See you in seven.




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