Thank Blog it’s Friday!! – 24/11/17

Thank Blog it’s Friday!! – 24/11/17

Hello there and welcome to a brand new edition of your favourite weekly marketing roundup – Thank Blog it’s Friday. It’s been an exciting week here in the markITwrite office producing a ton of great material for clients, new and old.

However, we’re never too busy to bring you regular features, Google Doodle of the Week, Breaking News, and The Big Question. So, grab a mug, curl up in front of a softly glowing laptop screen, and Thank Blog it’s Friday.

Google Doodle of the Week

Google Doodle – V. Shantaram

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In 1917, at just 16 years old, V. Shantaram took up a job at a local cinema for the princely sum of 5 rupees per month, signalling the beginning of a lifetime love affair with the silver screen. Four years later, he found himself staring in Surekha Haran. By 1927, Shantaram had directed his first film, Netaji Palker, going on to spend the next six decades making films typified by his technical creativity, and unwavering commitment to using art as an instrument for social change.

Saturday’s Google Doodle depicts three award-winning films which were produced and directed by Shantaram in the 1950s. Amar Bhoopali (1951) told the true story of an ordinary cow herder with a gift for poetry. Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje (1955), a love story set to classic Indian dance, and was among the first Technicolor films in India. Do Aankhen Baara Haath (1957) portrayed the tale of a young jail warden who would reform dangerous prisoners into persons of virtue through hard work. Shantaram’s powerful approach to balancing his advocacy of humanism while still exposing injustice earned Do Aankhen Baara Haath critical acclaim.

Saturday 18th November 2017 would have been his 116th birthday. Many happy returns, V. Shantaram.

Breaking News – Thanksgiving is the Best Day to Send Your Black Friday Emails.

thanksgiving email marketing

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“Well, thank you, Captain Hindsight!” I can already hear you saying.

Research by Constant Contact has found the best time to send out promotional emails for your Black Friday sales is the day before – Thanksgiving. Emails sent show a sharp spike on Black Friday, but the proportion being opened plummets. As consumers are inundated by emails on this most commercial of shopping days, they simply don’t have the time or inclination to read them all, and are likely to reach for the delete button, without ever opening them.

However, on Thanksgiving when email saturation is far lower, and people drift in and out of food-induced stupor on their sofas, they are far more likely to open emails and see what’s inside. So, if you are planning a big event next year for Black Friday, make sure to get those emails scheduled for a day earlier.

The Big Question

Evolution of advertising and marketing

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Marketing comedian and cartoonist, Tom Fishburne created this charming illustration of the evolution of advertising, and the punchline got me thinking about the direction advertising is heading in. Ad blocking has become incredibly popular, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on the best ways to beat the blockers…

What do you think the best approach is to convince users to add your website as an exception on their ad blocking plugins?

Please let us know your thoughts on any of this week’s features, and your answer to The Big Question of course.

See you in seven.

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