5 Hacks For Marketing Your Startup

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You may sit back and wonder how companies such as Tinder exploded onto the scene and gained millions of customers, seemingly overnight. It seems nowadays that rarely a month goes by that some new network or app or something flies out of left field, and goes from being a thing that nobody has ever heard of to a thing that everybody is talking about in the blink of an eye.

It’s easy to see how it happens with something like Pokémon GO. Pokémon already has a massive following around the globe, and people were hyped for the app way before it was ever released – but how does it happen with something that doesn’t have that fandom to rely on?

Well, sometimes it is through pure luck: a glorious combination of right place and right time. However, more often than not it is because the wily owners of the product have managed to pull off one of those marvellous hacks that allows them to boost the popularity of their company.

Now, we are not talking about any dodgy business here. No purchasing of fake followers on social media or anything like that. We are simply talking about some simple marketing tips and tricks that may help your startup get the boost it needs.

There are a load of hacks out there that may give your business a push in the right direction. Here are five of our favourites.

#1 Create a Community

community of peopleWe all know that engagement is a key factor of any social media marketing strategy. Well, one way to maximise engagement is to create a community around your product.

If you have a forum where people can come to discuss all aspects of the field your product sits in, then you may find that they will create your buzz for you. By allowing people to connect around your brand, you will put yourself at the centre of the discussion.

#2 Exclusivity

People love to think that they are getting something that others are not, or that they are part of a clique. Put quite simply – people want what they can’t have.

By making your platform invite only, or only initially available to a limited number of people, you will increase the desire for it. If it’s a physical product, maybe do a limited run in exclusive packaging or a collector’s edition.

All of these things will scratch that ‘fear of missing out’ itch we all feel sometimes.

#3 Twitter Searching

This one is ludicrously simple and you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself.

Don’t simply search for the type of thing you are selling and follow people that way, and don’t steal followers from your competitors. This will more than likely just leave you with a bunch of pointless or fake accounts, and a lot of people just generally discussing the type of product that you sell.

Instead put the word ‘need’ in front of the type of product when searching. This way you will find people who are actively discussing a requirement for your product. Whether it is somebody suggesting that is what somebody needs, or the person themselves saying that they need it, this hack will get you to people who are in a position to make a purchase.

If you can be the first brand of a new product that they purchase (and assuming your product is decent), there’s a good chance they’ll stick with you.

#4 Facebook Login

I don’t know about you, but I am far more likely to sign up for a website if it allows me to log in with my Facebook account. The difference between being able to register with a site with a single tap of my thumb, rather than go through a lengthy form, is a very appealing one.

By associating your brand with Facebook, not only do you make it a breeze for new users to get on board with you, but you also align your business with one of the biggest on the planet.

#5 Viral Sign-ups

signing a contractOnce you have got someone to sign up to your website or app then the best you can hope for is that their friends also sign up, right? Well, why not incentivise this by offering rewards to new users who invite their friends?

If each new user is inviting ten of their friends, and each one of those that signs up is also inviting ten of their friends, then it’s easy to see how your sign up rate can be set on an exponential growth trajectory.

Dropbox, for instance, does this very well by offering extra free storage space to anyone who gets a friend to sign up.

There you have five of our favourite marketing hacks to get your startup headed in the right direction. Please head on over to the comments and let us know if you have had success with any of these, or if you have any other hacks you’d like to add.

Have fun.

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