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Faking it or kicking ass? – 3 Stars Who Have Mastered Social Media

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Social media has become the ultimate platform for marketing, advertising and lets face it, selfies.

These celebrities (or their managers) have mastered the art of promoting their brand through Social Media. However, this will not only be judged on the amount of followers each celebrity has (as this is not a completely accurate figure), but factor in the amount of posts each week on various social media platforms, which celebrity has the most genuine followers and comparing each account.

Faking IT?

Katie Perry has the most Twitter followers totalling 81,422,109. Impressive right? But how may of these followers are genuine? Celebrities, marketers, the average Jo next door have all figured out ways of getting their following clan to rise. Achieving this includes using bots or just outright buying followers.

One of the ways to spot fake followers is to look for tell tale signs on an account. Is there any content, does it engage with anyone and can it be identified as a human being or company? According to Twitter Audit just 39% of Katy Perry’s followers are real. Lets compare this to both Taylor Swift (number one on Instagram) and Cristiano Ronaldo (number one on Facebook) Twitter accounts.

Taylor Swifts Twitter account came up as just 33% being genuine followers and Cristiano Ronaldo as 36% all these figures being fairly close to each other.

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For the purpose of fairness I also audited my own Twitter account. Baring in mind my account has nowhere near the following of my fellow celebs.

It came up as 3% fake which came as quite a surprise. I did not expect to have any come up as fake and the one which did was someone I genuinely knew, so how can we be sure that our celebs accounts are full of fakes too?

Scrolling through Ronaldo’s followers a common theme developed. Many of his followers seemed to have no profile picture, not much info on their own accounts or engagement. This therefore, does suggest a lot of faked accounts are in play. Moving on, we take the audits with a pinch of salt and not treat the figures as 100% accurate.

Account Activity

Lets take a look at some of Katy Perry’s other platforms.

On Instagram Perry racks up an impressive number of followers at 38.6million, only following 231 people herself. With some calculations (this took me a lot longer to work out than someone who actually understands the numerical world of that horrible word, math), I came up with some interesting figures on Perry’s Instagram and Twitter account.

Perry’s Twitter account was first set up in approximately February 2009, since then she has posted 974 Tweets per year, this works out at 81 per month and 20 per week. A satisfying number that considerably beats both Cristiano Ronaldo (2010) with his 8 per week and Taylor Swift (who has had her Twitter account since 2008) with her 10 per week.

Hashtag followers

Perry’s Instagram account, established in approximately May 2013, suggests 161 posts per year being about 3 posts per week. What is interesting about this fact is Taylor Swift, the most followed on Instagram, is only slightly in front of Perry with 5 posts per week. Yet, Cristiano Ronaldo is hitting up the Instagram posts with almost 6 posts per week. So Perry may be on her game with her Twitter account, but maybe could pay some more attention to her other platforms too.

Lastly, Perry’s Facebook page boasts nearly 72 million likes rising from 0.2% last week. Taylor Swift has 74 million following closely to Ronaldo, who has gathered a more than respectable 103 million likes.

Social Media Mastered

So, if anything, what have we learnt about these facts and figures? We certainly know Perry and Swift are more than capable to hold 3 successful social media accounts, with regular posts, tweets and rises. Ronaldo may have some questionable followers, however manages to stay at the top of the social media tree, it seems that each of the celebrities have mastered their own niche and have successfully honed their accounts.

The accounts of both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seem to portray themselves as just like the rest of us. Forget the money, glamour, diamonds, stages etc, by just looking through some of their photos such as dinner snaps, the selfies and day trips, these celebs almost depict an average life, one in which the viewer can identify with, which obviously helps with sales and figures of their albums.

Compared to Ronaldo however, photos can mostly be seen on his accounts of his footballing career, photo shoots and team photos. Of course, there are the odd selfies, but we are all human after all.

A Common Theme

If you look closely though, these three giants of the social media world all have one thing in common, they know how to play the game. They know that by adding followers en mass you give the impression that you are at the top of your game. And that will bring more genuine followers who will engage. Through in some natural looking pics and (maybe) pay for mass amounts of retweets (while that is a common practice I haven’t verified whether these three individuals do it and you have the perfect recipe for social media success.

And let’s not forget. There’s also a bit of vanity here. Ronaldo probably had one eye firmly on Messi and wants to ensure that his numbers stay ahead even if his tally for Ballon d’ors doesn’t. And for the girls, there’s always the likes of Rihanna, Bieber and gaga to contend with.

One Rule for Them…

Scales, rules, the law, fairness

Lastly, just in case you didn’t realise, don’t think for a second that it’s just soccer stars and pop stars who manipulate the system to kick the proverbial social ass. From TV stars to the world’s most famous politicians (no names mentioned), they’re all at it. Ironic that twitter doesn’t seem to have noticed though. Seeing as their rules explicitly forbid this kind of behaviour and numerous individuals claim to have had accounts removed for engaging in these practices. Yet the rich and famous seem to be able to carry on without a worry. After all, are twitter really going to take the matter up with Katy Perry?

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