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Original Content Vs. Link Building: Which Is More Important?

Des Nnochiri Blogging, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, marketing, Marketing Strategy 4 Comments

For business owners and independent organisations who own or operate a website, blog, or other online resource, there are many choices to be made when it comes to ensuring a good ranking with the leading search engines. But perhaps when all’s said and done, when considering which is the best route to take for an SEO strategy, we essentially are …

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How To Develop Your Own Voice When Blogging

John Waldron Blogging Leave a Comment

For anyone who follows any of the blogs that I regularly write for – Netguru, GetResponse, Shakr or this one right here, for instance – you will probably know my style. I write about technology. This isn’t what I planned to do with my writing career – indeed, like many of my contemporaries, when I studied creative and professional writing …

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Kerry Butters – Her Vision, Her Talent And Her Achievements

Martin Butters A Tribute to Kerry Butters 17 Comments

Todays’ blog is not about technology, social media, marketing or anything else that our wonderful team usually writes about. But I guess that you already know that. On the 23rd February, following a very brief battle with cancer, Kerry Butters passed away from us peacefully, surrounded by her family. But rather than speak at length about how sad we are …

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The Bumper Guide to Small Business Blogging

Kerry Butters Blogging 7 Comments

A good blog is vital to the success of any modern website. Not only does it aim to inform and entertain, a blog increases site visitors, improves trust and ensures that the site is regularly visited by search engines and traffic alike. Blogging has become increasingly popular year in, year out, as many website owners have come to realise just …

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Amplify Your Content With These 10 Fantastic Tools

Gary Smith Blogging, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Leave a Comment

So, you think you have nailed the recipe for creating great content? It may be true that you write great blogs and articles full of information that people are going to love reading and find very useful. However, simply writing blogs and throwing them onto the internet is not enough. You need to make sure that, not only are people …

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Are You Inspiring Belief Through Social Media?

Gary Smith Blogging, Digital Marketing, Social Media 1 Comment

Inspiration is the process that we experience when we are sufficiently mentally stimulated enough by something to actually change the way that we think, feel or behave. Inspiration is the thing that lifts people out of apathy and drives change. It is the reason that Martin Luther King Jr. was able to lead his civil rights movement and affect real …

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7 Great Tools To Help Increase Your Online Presence

Gary Smith Blogging, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Leave a Comment

A company’s online presence is a hard won thing. It involves SEO, monitoring of page rankings, as well as updating various social networks with original and interesting content and keeping a watchful eye on likes, shares and mentions. All of this work is carried out to ensure that a company is putting its best foot forward when it comes to …