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What if the Biggest Threat to Your Company Is Sitting next to You?

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Why HR is so important in mitigating cybersecurity threats? What can HR do to protect the company and its employees? How to build a cyber secure culture?   Considering the fact that nearly 75% of security breaches come from inside, it’s high time for HR departments to take IT security into their hands. Cybersecurity breaches are destructive and costly for the …

Do You Find Personalised Advertising Unsettling? Des Nnochiri Responds

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Yes, I do. I do find personalised advertising unsettling – together with a lot of other people. Part of it is my personal gripe with the disruptive nature of advertising in general – but online advertising in particular can really get my goat. I operate in an area where internet speeds are moderate at best. And having to wait upwards of …

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4 Cybercrime Prevention Tips

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Cyber-criminals are like most human beings; they want an easy life. Easy money, or an easy path to their objectives. So, the best you can do to frustrate them is to make their job (and their life) difficult. Don’t be an easy mark and they’ll be tempted to look elsewhere for fresh meat. These cybercrime prevention tips should help.  #1: …

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Are You an Entrepreneur or a Spampreneur?

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For years we’ve been told not to spam. There’s even laws about it. And search engines have been forced to change algorithms often in order to adjust for the proliferation of spammers. Spam doesn’t just apply to email, the laws surrounding it also extend to SMS and other forms of marketing. On social media, it’s not quite as prolific as …

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Tips on Securing Your Mobile Device

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Serious computing power is no longer restricted to large boxes you have to be chained to a desk in order to use. Laptops and notebooks have reduced that load considerably and tablets and smartphones are shrinking it further. Even the smallest devices are now capable of big things. With big capabilities, come big risks. Your devices and the sensitive information …

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UK Companies Fail to Protect Against Cybercrime

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A new report by the UK government has found that a huge 98% of large UK companies don’t have insurance that could help them overcome damage caused by a cyber-attack. This is despite the fact that 81% of larger companies and 60% of small businesses in the country suffered a security breach in the last year. The report also states …

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Business IT Security: Is Yours Good Enough?

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When it comes to protecting your customer’s data and your own, getting security right can be something of a headache. Online threats are common and are becoming increasingly sophisticated in that they are capable of evading commercial antivirus solutions. It’s been known for years now that the most effective way to combat threats is to use a ‘layered’ approach that …


How To HIPAA-proof Your Smartphone

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Healthcare individuals and organisations can often find themselves the prime target for security breaches, and for that reason they need to do their utmost in protecting the privacy of patient records and information. To that end, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was introduced to set the standards required for protecting sensitive information, including saving, transmitting …


How To Manage A Firewall

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Your firewall is something of utmost importance for both your home computer and your business network. Without one, any amount of malicious malware could very easily breeze its way into your machines causing all sorts of damage. A firewall, however, should not be confused with an antivirus program. Indeed, to fully protect your computer you will need to install both …