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Is Virtual Reality the New Business Standard?

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VR Is the Future

Since the mid- 90s, virtual reality has grown and grown to the point where a niche term is now a buzzword which is constantly on the lips of everyone from gamers to the world of ecommerce.

While the concept is still new to some, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s only a matter of time before it is the new business standard throughout the world.

While some industries are yet to get on board, the entertainment and gaming industry has welcomed the world of VR with open arms, ploughing huge sums of money into developing immersive products. And this investment is paying dividends as they take the world of entertainment to a level the likes we have never seen.

Consumers, too, are waking up to a new world of VR entertainment with products such as the Sony VR Headset enjoying great sales from the get go.

Transformation of Businesses by VR

It isn’t just the entertainment industry that’s making the transition to virtual reality. Businesses in a variety of different niches understand that VR offers a magnificent platform to show off their creative talent.


While ecommerce is a rapidly growing industry, many people still prefer going to a store to purchase their clothes and cosmetics. When it comes to our aesthetics, we like to try before we buy, and why not. And that’s another area where VR will be breaking down barriers as consumers will be able to enjoy the personal experience from the comfort of their own home.


Signs advertisingPhysically interacting with consumers will definitely have more impact than interaction over social media. Gaining more attention and displaying products in a better way will also help revolutionize the advertising industry.

Medicine and Rehabilitation

VR has also been found to be helpful in the regaining of motor skills and rehabilitation in society, as well as assisting autistic patients with the enhancement of their brain activity as well as developing social skills.


IBM and HP are just two of the many global companies looking forward to having virtual conference rooms for interviewing a person remotely. In time, we may not have to attend interviews at all.

How to Start a Virtual Reality Business

Virtual reality will open up a considerable amount of job opportunities with education being one of the first sectors to enjoy practical applications.

Integrating VR in teaching procedures will bring an altogether more immersive experience to those in education turning what may be a mundane subject into something far more enjoyable, thus increasing the chances of retention.

Picture this, rather than listening to a monosyllabic teacher talk to you about historical events, with VR you’ll be able to walk through the Roman Colosseum, play with dinosaur fossils or witness the battle of Waterloo up close.

Before you know it, this same technology will be accessible in the world of manufacturing, and so much more.


coins and a clockConsiderable investment has already been made into VR products that are not even close to coming to the market yet. Mark Zuckerberg is just one of many visionaries who have made large investments in the area of VR, acquiring the Oculus VR in March 2014.

Apple has bought Metaio. Google has backed Magic Leap. By 2020, the demand of VR and AR is going to increase even further.

For VR, the future is finally here.


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