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markITwrite Guest Post Guidelines

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Everyone loves a good guest post, and here at markITwrite we are no exception.

We know there a lots and lots of bloggers out there who are desperate to get their voice heard across the web, and we want to help you.

What We’re Looking For

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of style, SEO and word counts, let’s just make sure that you’re in the right place.

markITwrite is a digital content agency with a square aim at the technology industry. And so, if you’ve written a post about kittens or hamburgers or beauty products or fitness or Justin Bieber, then you’ve come to the wrong website.

What we’re after is blogs that cover the following subjects:

  • Content/Digital/Inbound/Social Media marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • SEO, SEM and PPC
  • Social media
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Gadgets
  • Video Games
  • FinTech
  • Telecoms (especially VoIP and Hosted PBX)
  • The Cloud
  • Big Data
  • , etc., etc.

You get the picture.

Our Audience

Being a tech writing company, as you might suspect, our audience is made up of tech-heads – more than 600,000 of them across all our marketing channels – and include everyone from casual consumers to corporate execs.

We’ll be frank – we are content marketers, our blog is designed to build awareness of our brand, and also to attract new businesses to what we can offer them.

See the above list? Our clients and prospects come from companies that fall into those industries. So a little word to the wise: if you can come up with a title that will reach out to any of them, then your submission is likely to go straight to the top of the pile. We know that you will be penning the blog for the main purpose of inserting that all-important link back to your website, but if you can help us out in the process, then we’ll be doing each other a favour 😉

Guest Post Guidelines

Ok – enough of the chit-chat. Here are your guidelines for submitting a guest post to markITwrite.

In Terms of Style…

  1. You can have your link, of course, but posts should not be of an overly promotional nature.
  2. We want to educate our readers with content – so please remember that the most valuable thing that you can offer our readers is actionable tips.
  3. We do accept opinion pieces – so if you’ve got something to say, then don’t be afraid to say it.
  4. If you can, inject a bit of humour/sarcasm into your posts. We like that. However, don’t try to be funny if you’re not – the most important thing is that your writing has actionable value to our audience.
  5. In terms of length – we accept posts that are a minimum of 800 words, and a maximum of 2,000.
  6. Paragraphs should be no longer than 6 lines – any more and it just gets too dense for web readers.
  7. Be original, tackle new ground, invent a new writing style, excite us!!

What You Must Do…

  1. Include hyperlinks to all sources, facts, quotes and figures that are contained within your piece. We check them all for accuracy, and also for affiliate links. Do not try and smuggle an affiliate link into your post. If you state a statistical fact but do not provide a link to its source, then unfortunately we will have to reject your post.
  2. Be smart about SEO. Keywords, decent outbound links, all that good stuff.
  3. Include H2s and H3s – no one likes to read one stiff block of text, so break it up (and include your keywords in these headers as well).
  4. Craft an enticing, clickable title. 12 words is the absolute maximum, though 6-9 is about perfect. We recommend using the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – aim for a score of at least 65, though we’d prefer above 70.

What We Don’t Accept…

  1. Press releases.
  2. Anything offensive. Humour is one thing, but don’t offend anyone – it’s not cool, and we will reject it.
  3. Plagiarised content. We’ve got a checker, and we’re not afraid to use it.
  4. Anything below 800 words.
  5. Anything above 2,000 words.
  6. Regurgitated content – i.e. the stuff that’s already been flogged to death a million times (including by us).
  7. Anything too similar to what our bloggers have covered before.
  8. Posts containing affiliate links.
  9. Anything that’s appallingly written.

How to Submit

  1. Send your guest posts to admin@markitwrite.com.
  2. Make sure the words ‘Guest Post’ are in the subject of your email.
  3. Attach the file preferably as a Word Doc., though we do accept posts written using Google Docs.
  4. Attach the image files.
  5. In the body of the email, please let us know your name, where you’re from, the title of the post, your chosen keywords, and provide a 100-200-word synopsis of what you’ve written.
  6. Wait for your reply – if you haven’t heard from us within 21 days, then please assume that your post has not been successful at this time. Just try again with a different post J

A Few Final Points

We reserve the right to edit your blog post before publication.

Occasionally, we may really like what you’ve written and would be happy to publish it, but wish to send it back to you first for edits.

As for images, with the exception of screenshots that you might wish to include for the purposes of visual explanation of an instruction you are trying to make, we will source and provide all images for guest posts.

Finally, don’t forget to include your bio at the end of the post – and go on, you can stick another link back to your website or social media profile there, too.

Looking forward to reading your submissions!!

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John Waldron

John Waldron is a writer with markITwrite who regularly writes on lifestyle and technology. He is also a fiction writer who has penned a number of short stories, play scripts, and stories for children. He is the author of the foraging blog, First Time Foragers: Recipes and Stories for Beginners. He has a First-Class Honours Degree in English with Creative Writing and an MA in Professional Writing from University College Falmouth, Cornwall.

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