Kerry Butters

Founder & CEO

Kerry Butters is the founder and CEO of markITwrite and an accomplished technology writer who adores all things tech, the written word and social media.

She writes widely across enterprise and consumer tech including such subjects as gadgets, web design, social and online marketing. She has a BA hons degree in English with Creative Writing and is a bit of a geek, to say the least.

With a background in tech and publishing, she was perfectly positioned for the niche she now finds herself in and writes for some of the biggest websites in the world  with readerships in the millions. Kerry is the lead writer and editor at markITwrite and has written extensively across all tech subjects from web design and development to cloud computing, digital marketing and SEO.

Kerry was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2015 in the Best Business Blogger category. She placed #2 in the global web vote and made the finals, which have in the past been won by the likes of Guy Kawasaki. 2015’s winner was the super-talented Jeff Barrett (congratulations Jeff!)

Extremely versatile and with an unhealthy love of research, Kerry writes on subjects that have led to her becoming one of the leading authorities in her field. She also possesses a healthy obsession for all things Joss Whedon related, especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer.