Social Media Management

Social media is the new marketing; traditional advertising still has its place of course but a good, well managed social media campaign can make all the difference between building a strong brand and not getting noticed. Our social media management services start at extremely competitive prices starting at low weekly rates to as much as you need.

Ideally, your social media campaign should be complemented with great content from a number of sources to ensure that you gain and keep fans. Social media is your company’s ‘personality’ and gives you an unprecedented chance to engage with your customers in a way that traditional advertising never has.

We social share client content to an audience of 200+K and rising!

Social media is proven to drive traffic to your site and is imperative that it’s managed properly.

As well as carrying out your social media management, markITwrite share all of your content through its own channels, ensuring that your business gets lots of exposure – it’s all part of the service. You don’t have t spend a fortune with us to benefit from our social sharing as we share everything we produce with our own audience and even tweet those we work with on other projects to our audience.

Social Media Works!

Contact us today to see how we can help build and maintain your social media presence, drive traffic to your site and increase your traffic – social media is said to be worth £3.34 for every pound that you spend, so the social ROI if you want to use social advertising is also well worth considering.

We know that social works. We’ve seen it work for us and all of our clients. All it takes is a sound understanding and good management; this is enough to broadcast your brand to thousands and help you to connect with and engage followers that have a strong interest in your products and services.