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What if the Biggest Threat to Your Company Is Sitting next to You?

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Why HR is so important in mitigating cybersecurity threats? What can HR do to protect the company and its employees? How to build a cyber secure culture?   Considering the fact that nearly 75% of security breaches come from inside, it’s high time for HR departments to take IT security into their hands. Cybersecurity breaches are destructive and costly for the …

Apps and security

5 Apps to Increase Business Security

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With commercial transactions, communication and social interaction increasingly moving to an online medium – often through personally owned tablets and smartphones used in conjunction with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies – it’s essential that businesses take steps to maintain and improve security. In this article, we’ll look at five apps that can increase your level of business security, by …


How To Manage A Firewall

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Your firewall is something of utmost importance for both your home computer and your business network. Without one, any amount of malicious malware could very easily breeze its way into your machines causing all sorts of damage. A firewall, however, should not be confused with an antivirus program. Indeed, to fully protect your computer you will need to install both …