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10 Ways Infographics Will Immediately Benefit Your Business

John Waldron Infographics Leave a Comment

Hello, and welcome to the first of what will be a 10-part series on the wonderful and valuable subject of infographics. We’ve thought long and hard about the topics and titles that we will be covering over this series, and we’re pretty sure that by the end we’ll have all bases covered. Enjoy! Over the past couple of years, infographics …

markitwrite's epic guide to social media marketing

markITwrite’s Epic Guide To Social Media Marketing

Martin Butters Big Data, Business, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Leave a Comment

Throughout the last few years, more and more businesses have started to understand the value of social media. They have an understanding of the role it plays in their online presence, on their reputations, and how vital it is for thriving in an increasingly competitive business world. Indeed, this is a world where people can search the globe looking for …

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5 Ways To Improve Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy

Guest Blogger Digital Marketing Leave a Comment

Most business owners in the modern world understand that utilizing digital marketing – the term used to describe the use of modern technologies for promotional purposes – is an absolute necessity when it comes to establishing a flourishing brand. It’s quite difficult to find a company that doesn’t use websites, social media platforms, photographs, etc. to spread the word about …

Driving Traffic: 6 Tips For A Big Push On Pinterest

John Waldron Social Media Leave a Comment

Pinterest. The world’s most visual social network. You’re using it, right? Well, you should be. Whilst you’re working hard on Facebook and Twitter – perhaps the staple diet of the social media marketer – Pinterest is gathering momentum all the time. Pinterest enjoys 100 million active monthly users, which equates to 30% of all people who use social media ( …

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10 Rules For Creating Content That Readers Will Trust

Julie Ellis Content Marketing Leave a Comment

You have heard this many times – when you create content, the goal is to educate, entertain or inspire. The entertainment part can be fun for both you and the reader/viewer; the inspirational part can be rewarding. The educational part? This is the demanding leg of this triangle, and it takes work. Lots of work. Content writers who do a …

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A Step by Step Guide to Using Rignite

Des Nnochiri Business technology Leave a Comment

Managing your social media presence can be a real chore – especially if you have a lot of new content to put out there, are part of numerous ongoing conversations, belong to many groups, or have accounts with several different networks. Then there’s scheduling posts, monitoring and analysing the response to your content, and keeping track of how your presence …

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Strategies For An Effective Social Media Campaign

Guest Blogger Social Media Leave a Comment

Social media is fast becoming the primary means of reaching an audience – young people don’t even read newspapers anymore; if they want the news they’ll see what’s trending on their favourite social network. It’s no surprise, then, that one of the most effective means of marketing in 2016 is through the utilisation of these social media channels. That said, …

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A Guide To Using Social Media For Market Research

Des Nnochiri Social Media 6 Comments

With the likes of Facebook boasting 1.591 billion users every month, social media platforms are the barometers of public opinion today – as well as the medium through which new public preferences are formed. The social conversation may take in what people are saying about your brand and the performance of your competitors, or contain the roots of valuable ideas …

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Faking it or kicking ass? – 3 Stars Who Have Mastered Social Media

Zoe Butters Social Media 1 Comment

Social media has become the ultimate platform for marketing, advertising and lets face it, selfies. These celebrities (or their managers) have mastered the art of promoting their brand through Social Media. However, this will not only be judged on the amount of followers each celebrity has (as this is not a completely accurate figure), but factor in the amount of …

Networking – social media career man

3 Ways To Complement Your Career Using Social Media

Gary Smith Social Media 4 Comments

Networking is of course important when you are looking to expand your career horizons. Shaking hands, putting your foot in doors and making contacts are great ways to make sure that potential employers already know who you are before you send in that all-important job application. However, in 2015, an avenue of networking that is becoming more and more important …

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How To Make LinkedIn Publisher Work For Your Business

Gary Smith Marketing Strategy, Social Media 1 Comment

Around three years ago LinkedIn made the decision to establish a new program targeted at though leaders and experts in business. The LinkedIn Publisher was at the forefront of this program and provided a way for these sorts of people to quickly and easily share their knowledge and insight with their audiences. Shortly afterwards LinkedIn made the platform open to …