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Using Video To Improve Brand Awareness

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Video Promotion

Ok, so I might have had an ulterior motive for choosing this title for today’s markITwrite blog post. You see, I’m very, very keen for us here at markITwrite to make our own promotional video, showcasing beautifully and visually all the amazing work that we do here, and what we could be doing for your business too.

I’ve already written a voiceover script that will accompany the visuals, and have signed up to the brilliant Moovly (you may remember our review of the site last month) in order to try and create a bespoke animation that will show us off in all our social and writerly glory.

video promo


Now, I don’t actually have to convince the Evil Tech Overlord (aka Kerry) that making a promotional video to improve brand awareness is a good idea, but we are indeed so incredibly busy with old clients, new clients and enquiries that it’s simply having to take a back seat for a moment or two (after all, we are writers first and foremost).

So, in the meantime – and mostly for the sake of keeping me quiet about it for an hour – the ETO has approved that I use today’s blog to write about videos, and why companies (like ours!!) should be using them to raise awareness of their brands on the internet.


Social media marketing has great reach and great power. Ask any marketer and they’ll most certainly agree that in today’s connected world, it is the internet that companies should turn to try and increase their brand awareness. This is simply down to the numbers. With over 1.25 billion users on Facebook, 284 million active Tweeters, another 300 million on Google+, 332 million on LinkedIn, and 70 million on Pinterest, there is a captive market out there ready to do business with.

In order to reach a significant proportion of all of these users, then your brand needs to be present on all social platforms, and indeed do everything you can to get noticed by as many people as possible.

Now, there are lots of boring old blogs floating around the internet – I know because I’ve written half of them (disclaimer: anything that either myself or any other person working and/or writing for markITwrite has produced for the web is anything but boring. On the contrary – it’s the stuff that (geeky) dreams are made of, and if you want to make sure that you receive even more of this super content eye-candy, then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter using the box at the top of this page!) – but when it comes to grabbing people’s attention by the scruff, then you can absolutely do no better in terms of immediacy than through the careful utilization of video.


Video has undoubtedly become an essential part of any business’s content marketing strategy. There was once a time when producing a video that would be of high enough quality to warrant being used would have priced a lot of SMEs out of the game.

But not any more.

If you’ve got a smartphone with a camera, then, by simply downloading a video editing app, such as Splice for instance, then you have all the equipment that you could possibly need to create a perfectly acceptable promotional video for your company, which you will then be able to share far and wide around your social networks.

Alternatively, if (like me) you think that the video would work a lot better utilising animation, then, as mentioned above, you can turn to the truly democratising creation that is Moovly and create animated videos like a pro for free (or pay for the upgrade and get them looking so smart that they’ll have Walt Disney rolling in his grave).

Only Limited By Your Creativity

Just doing a one off video and sharing once a week for the next couple of months, however, will not be enough. To really try and raise the awareness of your brand, then you need to start thinking in terms of a viral video series.

These are the sorts of videos that get shared forever more, on platforms like Facebook, and become in themselves something of a cult. The ‘Will It Blend?’ video series is a good case in point here. The marketing team at Blendtec, a company that producers kitchen blenders, came up with the idea of sacrificing a few of their stock in order to illustrate the sheer motor power of their creations. One video at a time, they filmed and then shared the blenders making mincemeat of various solid objects – everything from Frozen figures to pool cues.

True, the videos don’t actually illustrate all that well just how you might use them in a normal kitchen scenario, but they were just silly and fun enough to grab a lot of attention. And so they went viral, and now everyone’s heard of the amazing power of Blendtec blenders (you see, no one seems to really care that blenders only have to be powerful enough to whizz up some garlic, a few herbs and maybe an onion every once in a while – if they can destroy a tape measure then they must be the best!).

What’s Your Idea?

So, apart from the Moovly animated video for markITwrite that I am using this blog to try and help along a bit, I suppose the next thing for us – and for your business – to do is try and think of a series of relevant videos that have the potential to go viral, but of course promote your brand at the same time. Hmm – how about typing using different vegetables? Tomorrow I will only use two carrots to write everything on my schedule. Then look out for potato Friday and marrow Monday. Success is guaranteed, right? Right?

Comment below if you think Kerry should give me the rest of the day off to produce markITwrite’s animated promo!! Or, if you’ve got any better ideas for a viral video series, then please let us know as well.

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John Waldron

John Waldron is a writer with markITwrite who regularly writes on lifestyle and technology. He is also a fiction writer who has penned a number of short stories, play scripts, and stories for children. He is the author of the foraging blog, First Time Foragers: Recipes and Stories for Beginners. He has a First-Class Honours Degree in English with Creative Writing and an MA in Professional Writing from University College Falmouth, Cornwall.

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  2. Rachit Sharma

    Excellent article John. In this universe of digital marketing we need to do something or the other that makes us stand out and these days audiences are preferring to watch videos. You have actually convinced me more to start a video blogging for the contents that I write on digital marketing, blog tips for bloggers and marketers.

    Thanks a ton.

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  4. Pete Wild

    Great post… in the past video was out of the reach for most companies… but there are some cracking tools out there that are changing that…

    We’re one… … free… pick a template, fill in the form and in a few minutes you have video ready for social media (short, small size size, lots of movement to catch the eye)… no new software to learn, no design skills needed… and now Buffer are scheduling video it could finally be video’s day on social media!?!

  5. Ahmad Imran

    Agreed that videos are important and play an important role in the marketing strategy. The only comment I have is that for individuals and small businesses with not enough budget for quality videos, this can be a difficult task to achieve. I am myself in a situation where I have a new tech blog and understand the importance of videos. It just needs a bit more time, effort and resource to develop this channel.

    1. Post
    1. Post
      John Waldron

      Thank you, Steven. I’ve just had a look at your blog, and there are some very enticing statistics that I think our readers might find useful as well: YouTube is the number two search engine. 75% of Users Visit The Company’s Website After Watching a Video. 80% of Visitors Watch A Video on a website versus only 20% read the content on a website. That’s great stuff – read more of Steven’s Blog here –

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