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markITwrite is a digital creative agency providing a range of content marketing services for businesses looking to boost their web presence in a competitive online marketplace.

Our enthusiastic and passionate team works with clients around the globe to develop and market superior content across a range of tech and business niches. From the latest research and development in Fintech, Blockchain technology, and digital marketing, to the latest and best gadgets, markITwrite delivers excellent content to supercharge your web presence.


We provide the full scope of digital creative services, including web and app design and development.

We built our reputation on our writing services, providing digital content marketing solutions including blogs, niche articles, white papers, press releases, script evaluation, proofreading, social media management SEO, SEM, eBooks, and lots more.

We specialise in writing for technology, digital marketing, web design, SEO, corporate technology and social media and all our writers are university graduates who love what they do. Whilst we tend to mainly write on technology related subjects, the interests, talents, and research skills of our team means we can also produce content across a range of niche subjects with expertise and style - giving an authoritative voice to tech companies around the world.



Our Team

Martin Butters


Martin graduated from The University of St Mark and St John in 2004 with a degree in English Literature, Theology and Philosophy

John Waldron


John holds a first-class degree in English with Creative Writing, as well as a Master's degree in Professional Writing which he completed with distinction.

Des Nnochiri


Des graduated from the University of Leeds in 1988 with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with Architecture

Gary Smith


Gary graduated from Plymouth University in 2016 with a degree in Psychology.

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Your Complete Guide to Telecoms Marketing Trends for 2018

25-10-2018 - John Waldron

Telecoms marketing is facing some big challenges in 2018. Just a few years ago, telecoms brands could successfully differentiate in terms of tariffs, data, texts, and 80% 3G coverage. Not anymore. Consumers may have been impressed by cheaper prices, 100 minutes, and unlimited texts in the late-2000s. But, a decade on, super-fast broadband and blanket 4G coverage have now become base-level expectations – and 5G is just around the corner....

3 Most Important Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Success

25-10-2018 - John Waldron

An effective content marketing strategy can be the very lifeblood of your business. With a robust game plan for the creation, publication and distribution of useful, insightful, engaging and relevant content, you will be able to build meaningful and lasting relationships with hundreds if not thousands of prospects and customers, and start driving them down your sales funnel....

Strange Bedfellows: Social Media Marketing for Telecoms

25-10-2018 - Gary Smith

Social media is continuing to be a big deal in almost every aspect of life, and business is no exception. However, while there are general rules which can be applied to many industries, it never hurts to look at some of the nuances which can apply to specific fields such as telecoms....


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