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Content Marketing and Start-Ups – The Dynamic Duo

As a digital content agency, we've written numerous blogs touting the virtues of content marketing

Whether you're looking to market your telecoms solution, your AI business, SaaS product, or your blockchain company, content marketing can be a great tool to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

And while content marketing is an excellent addition to almost any marketing campaign, it's a marriage made in heaven when coupled with a start-up.

Thought Leadership Content

As a start-up, one of the many challenges you will face is instilling belief in investors and potential customers. You know you have a great product or service, but you're not always going to have the option of doing a live presentation for an investor.

And while there's no question that you understand your product, relaying your wealth of knowledge - as well as the advantages of buying said product - may be well outside of your conform zone.

This is where top notch tech writers come into play. A professional will be able to articulate your message eloquently, educating and informing potential clients and investors alike.

Through regular production of high-quality, thought leadership content, you will build trust in your readership. As HubSpot points out, "marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI."


As you produce a bank of blogs, articles, whitepapers and eBooks, you will have the opportunity to highlight various challenges within your industry, and how exactly your product addresses these challenges better than your competitors. If your content is interesting, people will want to read it. And there's no reason why your content can't be both interesting and promotional.  

An Investment

I remember the days when we were a fledgling start-up. One of the biggest concerns was money - more often than not, there isn't much lying around. While Apple and Nike can afford to experiment with different types of marketing, for start-ups, one campaign can mean the difference between success and total failure.

Fortunately, we're a Content Marketing Agency, so that problem well and truly fixed itself. But where should you invest your limited funds?

There are many types of traditional online marketing strategies that a start-up can deploy, such as AdWords campaigns. There are also "black hat" techniques like paying for backlinks which many start-ups looking for quick wins find themselves attracted to.

Most are fraught with danger, however - if Google catches you trying to cheat its algorithm, you'll quickly find yourself hit with a penalty, and your site may soon all but disappear from searches.

In addition, the companies that offer these decidedly dodgy services always seem to want more and more money to get you results - telling you success will come soon, if you just buy a few more links from a few more websites. It's nonsense, and a very dangerous (and potentially expensive) game to play.

When it comes to paid search strategies, while they may appear to be an easy and effective way to market a company, the evidence suggests otherwise. As research from Kapost shows, content marketing costs less than paid search.

High-value content doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, it can come at a fraction of the cost and can last a lifetime. As word spreads that you are a hub for useful information, traffic to your website will increase as you start becoming a "go to place". 


And the cost savings don't end there...

Free marketing

While paying for backlinks is something that no credible marketing expert would ever recommend, free backlinks are worth their weight in gold. An article that is chock full of valuable information, actionable advice and original content will catch the eye of bloggers and industry experts alike.

Before you know it, major publications will be referencing your content - and this has two advantages. First, links to your website from credible sites is the purest form of free marketing. It's a stamp of approval from another company, telling its readership that you are an expert, while offering their readers a link to your website at the click of a mouse. And Google loves a natural backlink


Having more links increases your domain authority and improves your visibility in search. While you may have started out on page 12 of Google, before you know it, you'll be nestled on the front page between your target competitors, or maybe even number one - all for the price of a blog...

Free Social Media Marketing

Then there's the free social media marketing that comes with publishing great content. From Twitter to LinkedIn, there are countless individuals and groups out there that love sharing quality content.

So, while you spend your first months and years building a loyal audience, these people - who have already earned the trust of millions of readers around the world - will give you immediate and free access to theirs.

All About ROI

There are countless stats on the net that highlight how content marketing has a far better ROI than traditional forms of marketing. And let's be honest, it's all about ROI. As a start-up, you want to spend as little money on marketing as possible while growing your business as rapidly as possible. 

So, for start-ups, content is the holy grail of marketing. You spend very little while achieving a lot.

And this is where we come in. As well as having a long history of producing the highest-quality content at affordable prices, we are also experts in formulating effective digital marketing plans, designing and executing social media strategies that encourage rapid growth, and ensuring that the content we write for our clients is seen by the right people at the right time on the right channel.

This is our winning formula that has seen success for one-person start-ups and global leaders alike. Click here to learn more.

We will work with you to produce a wealth of superior content for your website - content that will offer value for years to come - leaving you to focus on your core business and your customers.

And with our FREE additional social media marketing service, we'll share every blog, article, case study and eBook you publish with our organically-grown 800k strong audience across all major social platforms, giving you a head start on the competition.

For more content marketing tips, connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn today. 

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